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Is Yee Peng Lanna International 2017 – Cancelled?

Is Yee Peng Lanna International 2017(a.k.a. Mae Jo) – Cancelled? Lets hope for the best, but things are not looking good… WHAT? What’s happening with YPLI 2017? Last year, tickets to the YPLI sold out so fast that arrangements were made to give everyone a fair chance at getting tickets for 2017.   Announcements were

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TICKETS AVAILABLE!!! – Hard Work Pays Off.

  Big News!   A few days ago we were able to negotiate a small allotment of tickets to the Private Yee Peng Lantern Release.  It will be held in the mountain village areas of Chiang Mai.    With a maximum of 500 people this event is destined to be special.   With more than enough

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Birthday at the Baan Kinkaew Orphanage? Or any day for that matter!

Birthday at the Baan Kinkaew Orphanage?  Or any day for that matter! For all of those looking for a way of giving back, putting a smile on a small child’s face or simply putting a positive spring in your step, an experience at the Baan Kinkaew Orphanage may be what you’re looking for! History The

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Lizards Ants and Mosquitoes – Oh My!

For those of you that did not grow up in the tropics, get ready for an eye opener, lizards ants and mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE!   Insects and small reptiles are everywhere, but more importantly, the are lived WITH!   Everyone knows about the mosquitoes in the tropics, but what about the lizards?    There are quite

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2016 Lantern Release – Package #2 with Zip Line – 20 Tickets!

***SOLD OUT*** Round #2 – The Zip Line Package We have  20 standard tickets packages available! Price includes: 1 Standard Ticket (read about the inclusions here) 1 Seat to and from the event (Transportation – from inside the Old City. ) 1 Day Tour Zip lining (Over 50 Platforms and 30+ runs) This is a day

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Renew your Thai drivers license in Chiang Mai.

For those of you that stay long term in Chiang Mai or Thailand in general, you’ll need to apply for a local license after 3 months.    Your first license will be probationary and good either 1 or 2 years depending on the visa you’re on .    After that, you can renew your Thai drivers

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2016 Lantern Release – Ticket Packages are on sale now!!!

*** Tickets packages are mostly sold out*** We have removed the shopping cart button as there are very few tickets left.    Please contact us through email or facebook to check on availability. Its starting! Yes, as announced, tickets this year are going to be sold as a package deal. We have a very limited

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Lantern Release Festival 2016 – Date has been announced!!!

The Lantern Release Festival  (Yee Peng Lanna) date has officially been set.   Keep in mind that prices have changed and ticket sales may follow a different pattern than in previous years.    Ticket sales started in May 2016.    Make sure to add your email address to our list or “like/follow” the CMStay facebook page

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No Yee Peng tickets! – My Chiang Mai Trip is ruined!

OK, Not really. The Bad news: we have not heard of anyone selling their tickets in almost a month. It may be that they are all planning on going to the event or they are waiting so they can sell their tickets for a higher price.   (They were already selling for $200/Standard Ticket almost a

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Mexican Food in Chiang Mai

Mexican food in Chiang Mai? Of course the first question on everyone’s minds as soon as they get into Chiang Mai is “Where can I get some good Mexican food in Chiang Mai?” You’ve exhausted all the Thai options, now you want to destroy some fajitas. Fortunately for you the Mexican food in Chiang Mai is

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Calling Home – The best and cheapest ways.

One of the main concerns whenever travelling is keeping your “lifeline” open with friends and family back home.   Many of us are too young to have been through the days of  queueing for hours at the one international phone in the country.   Trust me, there is always someone you’ll meet while travelling that

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Chiang Mai Markets – Night, walking, and otherwise…

Separated by the hot afternoon sun, Thailand has two distinct market times/cultures.   Just before sunrise, the local markets become a hive of activity.   Markets offer the basics necessary for the local Thais to make breakfast, offer alms for the monks, and small meals for people on their way to work.   When the sun

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How to get THB in Chiang Mai

*Updated April 29, 2017 One of the main fears that people have when in an unknown country is how are they going to get money out safely. Fortunately Thailand’s banks are relatively safe (as long as you don’t leave your common sense at home, you won’t run into any problems). The next issue is finding

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Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai – Oliver von Herder

To kick off our newest series of Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai, here are a few words from Oliver von Herder, author of www.nutrientfocus.com.    He’s just about to launch his first online shop started here in Chiang Mai! (We’ll update this post with the website once its up and running) At the beginning of September

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Group Tour – Henry and the Salsa Dancers

This is more of a thank you post, rather than an informational post .   Recently, we had the honor of making arrangements for a group tour of 38 people from Vietnam on holiday in Chiang Mai during the Loy Krathong/Yee Peng festivals.     Henry was our point of contact .   He is truly amazing organizer.    Making

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They’re here !!! – Tickets for the November 8, Lantern Release have arrived!

Tickets for the November 08, 2014,  Lantern Release have arrived!!! The armored truck just pulled away after leaving these beauties.    Ok, maybe not, but the tickets have been printed and delivered for distribution to everyone who purchased them.        CMStay will begin deliveries next week and plan to have them to all

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October 25, 2014 – CONFIRMED!!

For all of you biting your nails waiting for confirmation, its here!   Remember to contact us for room, apartment,  tour and scooter bookings!  Anyone interested in joining our trip to Doi Suthep, The Tiger Kingdom and Mae Jo for the lantern festival on Oct 25, see below:     Last years trip to Doi Suthep,

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Loy Krathong / Yee Peng 2014

  This year the full moon will be on November 6th, but the Loy Krathong celebrations in Chaing Mai will go from the 5th through the 8th.   The city will be alight with fireworks, floating lanterns and Krathongs floating down the river. The Yee Peng Mass Lantern Release at Mae Jo University for locals

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Massage School in Chiang Mai: Sunshine Massage – Sean Gray

Who am I…   My name is Sean Gray and I’ve been living in Chiang Mai for a little over two months now. My wife, Mee, and I decided about a year ago that it was high time to make some serious changes in our lives and literally in a matter of two months put

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Massage Schools in Chiang Mai

Are you a massage therapist planning on taking some additional certification?   Possibly considering switching professions to Thai massage?   Maybe you just want to learn something new?    These seem to be the top 3 reason that people flock to Chiang Mai to learn Thai massage.   Do you fall into one of these

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CMStay Summer Discount!

CMStay is now offering a discount of up to 10%  on all booking made for June 1, 2014 through Aug 31, 2014.  CMStay Summer Discount! Any booking made for stay between the dates of June 1 2014 through August 31, 2014 will automatically receive a 5% discount on the total booking amount. In addition, anyone

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Want to Teach in Chiang Mai? Part 5 (Julia Light)

Our 5th and FINAL (Seriously, last one!) post on Teaching and living in Chiang Mai.   This one is by current resident, Julia Light.  Hi everyone! My name is Julia Light, I am from the U.S. and I currently teach Third Grade English at a large private school here in Chiang Mai. I have been

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Want to Teach in Chiang Mai? Part 4 (Jenafer Volnek)

Our 4th post on the real experiences of finding work Teaching in Chiang Mai – by Jenafer Volnek.   About me:    Hi! My name is Jen and I am 26 years old currently living at CMStay @ Sethee Court in the upbeat and exciting city, Chiang Mai! I am an English teacher here at a well-known

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Want to teach in Chiang Mai? Part 3 (Beth Kopay)

Part 3 of our series on Teaching in Chiang Mai is from Beth Kopay.    Wear a funny hat and make a difference in a small mountain village!      So, I heard that you are interested in teaching here in Thailand.  Well, congratulations.  It takes a certain type of person to live and teach

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Want to Teach in Chiang Mai? – Part 2 (Kaycee Race)

Our second guest post on teaching in Chiang Mai comes from a previous tenant and now good friend, Kaycee Race.    She’s moved on to Korea now, but we still “lurk” on Facebook to see what she’s up to.    Kaycee was nice enough to put her experiences on teaching in Chiang Mai into writing,

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Want to Teach in Chiang Mai? 5 failsafe tips and real life experiences from our resident teachers.

So you’re ready to make the move.   What do you need to know to land the job?   1. First and foremost, take the plunge!        ALL of the teachers I have met including the ones living in our buildings did not find a job until they were in Chiang Mai.  

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Scooter Hire – 9 Tips for Getting around Chiang Mai like a local.

Getting around Chiang Mai is very easy once you know about the Red Trucks in Chiang Mai.  And of course you can get outside of town cheaply if you’ve read our previous post about using fixed route Songthaews.  But what if you want a chance to see Chiang Mai through the eyes of the local? 

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When Red Trucks aren’t red?

  What are they? So if you read the first post on Red Trucks in Chiang Mai you know the basics of using Red Trucks to travel the old city and the outer areas.  So what happens when Red Trucks aren’t red?  If you’ve been in town more than a day you’ve seen the same trucks but

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Red Trucks in Chiang Mai

Red Trucks in Chiang Mai – The nod means 20 Baht!

Travelling in Thailand can be a daunting experience.   Different language, different modes of transport, and for most of us, they drive on the wrong side of the road.  To add another twist, Chiang Mai does not use metered taxis. For local travel, your choices are either the Tuk-Tuk or Red Trucks.  The locals will

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Songkran in Chiang Mai

Songkran in Chiang Mai April 12 – 16

Songkran in Chiang Mai  Chang Mai, as the largest cultural center in Northern Thailand, hosts the biggest Songran celebrations in the land. Traditionally, the festival dates were determined by the lunar calender and start in mid-April.  Today the dates are set as April 13th – April 15th.   However, in Chang Mai, the celebrations are stretched to

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