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   CMStay arranges everything you need so you can enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai.  We arrange your tour reservations for an easier experience booking and to take advantage of our ability to get DISCOUNTED rates!

     We are a small, family run company that strives to accommodate all of your holiday needs while in Chiang Mai. For fast responses, dependable service and clear communication, contact us directly or choose from some of the more popular tours from below.  


Please send us an email or use the contact form for more information.

*** This is not a full list of available tours.   If you do not see what you are looking for, please let us know what kind of tour you are interested in and we can find the right one for you. ***






mahoutmahout21 day Mahout Training (Woody) – Spend the day sharing an elephant between two people.    Learn the behavior and personality of your elephant.  Feed, bathe, train, and just generally care for the elephant throughout the day.   Ride the elephant bareback (NO CARTS!) though the forest and to the river for bath time!   Prices include transportation and lunch.   Reg: 2400B/pax    Our: 2350B/pax

 (8:30 am – 5pm)

– 1 Day Mahout Training (2,350B)

happyelephantHappy Elephant Home (No Riding of Elephants) – 1 Day Program (groups will be no larger than 15 people) so that you will be able to be with the elephant as much as possible)
On arrival, enjoy a welcome drink, introduction and explantion of your day.
You will be provided with a change of clothing – then spend the morning feeding, washing and getting to know the elephants.
We encourage hugs and kisses!
Lunch is provided with either delicious Thai food or vegetarian options. Why not cool off in our swimming pool whilst taking in the breathtaking views, After lunch you can join the elephants in a mud bath, Then walk with the elephants to was, swim and play with them in the beautiful Mae Taeng River, After a dip in the river you walk back home with the elephants where they can roam free and enjoy more food.  Reg: 2400B/pax    Our: 2300B/pax 

(8:30 am – 5pm)

– 1 Day Elephant Visit (2,300B)


 1 Day Adventure Trekking (Earth Eco) –  Known locally as the taster menu, spend the day hitting all the major “to-do’s” in one tour.    Includes a stop at the Orchid Farm and Butterfly Farm, 1 hr elephant ride, 1 hr white water rafting, a 20 minute bamboo raft ride down the river, trekking through the forest, visit a hilltribe village, and stop at a local waterfall for a cool swim.   Prices include transportation, lunch and all entrance fees.                                                       Reg: 1200B/pax   Our: 1100B/pax

 (8:30 am – 5pm)

Elephant ride, Chiang Mai, Thailand whitewater bamboo-rafting-chiang-mai Thailand





– 1 Day Adventure Trekking ( 1100B)



EVERY Mon / Thu / Sat
Start 8.30 PM – 11.30 PM


VIP – higher seats and includes drinks – 1500THB/person – OUR PRICE – 1400thb/person   

– CM Boxing Stadium VIP ( 1400B)

RINGSIDE – ring side seats and includes 1 drink – 1000THB/person – OUR PRICE – 900thb/person 

– CM Boxing Stadium RingSide ( 900B)

Grandstand – standard seats  – 600THB/person – OUR PRICE – 500thb/person  

– CM Boxing Stadium Standard ( 500B)

All levels of seats include pick up and drop off from you Chiang Mai hotel/hostel




cookingmortar marketcooing Cooking Class (Asia Scenic) – A full day experience.   Includes a walking tour of a local market, with English explanations on what you will be using and common substitutions for when you are back home.    Then back to the school for you chance to pick 6 dishes you would like to learn.   The instructor will provide step by step instructions on making each dish to perfection.    You will also get to eat all of your own creations.     Transportation and supplies are included in the price.       Reg: 1100B/pax   Our: 1000B/pax

(9:00 am – 3pm)


– FULL DAY in TOWN (1,000B)

– FULL DAY at FARM (1,100B)





Zip Lining (Flight of the Gibbons) – The original zipline in Chiang Mai, rated #1 in S.E. Asia.  Soar through the lush, ancient rainforest on 5km of zip lines including 33 different platforms.   Price includes transportation, lunch and all gear.         Reg: 4199B/pax  Our:  4099B/pax

(8am – 3pm)

– Flight of the Gibbons (4,099B)

picskyline3skylinepic2Zip Lining (Skyline Adventure) – Skyline adventure is the longest and highest zipline in the biggest rainforest of Chiang mai, Thailand. All skyline’s activities are designed by professional engineers with years of experience with safety zipline activities. All the gear is quality and safe. We offer a perfect outdoor adventure for the whole family.
Reg: 2,000B/pax  Our 1,900B/pax
– Skyline Adventures (1,900B)

White Water Rafting(Siam River)
The beautiful and rugged Mae Taeng Valley is situated in the North Eastern corner of the Chiang Mai Province, just 90 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai. The Mae Taeng District is nestled between Chiang Dao Nature Preserve and Huai Nam Dang National Park.

This area is home to many ethnic hill tribes such as, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Chan and Meow as well as large populations of domestic elephants and other wildlife. The Mae Taeng Valley provides views of lush jungle, local wildlife, and encounters with exotic hilltribes. This will surely be an unforgettable experience for any visitor.
Originating high in the mountains, near the Burmese border, The Mae Taeng River winds its way through valleys and canyons eventually joining the Chao Praya on its way to the Gulf of Thailand.”
Includes transportation, lunch, and all gear. 
(8:30am – 6:00pm)   Reg: 1,800B/pax   Our: 1,700B/pax
  • Healthy Thai Buffet Lunch & Refreshments
  • 10 Kilometers of World Class Whitewater
  • Optional Photo CD
  • Minimum age: 12yrs. old*

*** 2, 3 and 5 day packages including kayaking are also available.  Contact us for more info!

1 day White Water Rafting (1,700B)





Doi Inthanon/National Park (Journey) – Visit  The King’s (Napamaytanidol) Pagoda and The Queen’s (Napapon Phoom – Siri) Pagoda on the summit of Doi Inthanon – The Highest Peak in Thailand. These pagodas were built to honor the 60th birthday of the King and Queen in 1987 and 1992 respectively.    Also enjoy the beautiful scenery at two waterfalls and a trip to the Karen Hilltribe village.     Transportation, lunch and all entrance fees are included in the price.             Reg: 1300B/pax   Our: 1200B/pax

(8:30 am – 5pm)


– Doi Inthanon (1,200B)



white temple

Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle, Burmese border (Journey) – A full day trip to Chiang Rai, located 150 kilometres from Chiang Mai city. You will make your first stop at the Hot Springs. Then, visit the White Temple in Chiang Rai to enjoy the unique architecture.   Next, visit The Golden Triangle where the three countries or Thailand, Burma, and Laos meet.  In the afternoon, visit Mae Sai, the Burmese border where you can enjoy shopping at your leisure.   On the way back, visit Yao and Akha hill tribe villages.  Includes entrance fees, transportation, guide, buffet lunch, and bottle water.  As of October 1, 2016, the White Temple is charging a 50THB entry fee to all Non-Thai guests.  50THB has been added to the price to reflect this charge.  Reg: 1150B/pax   Our: 1050B/pax  longneck   

(7:30 am – 8pm)

Chiang Rai ( 1,050B)

(Add-On for the tour above) stop at the Karen Long Neck Village.  add 300B/pax 


Chiang Rai & Karen Long Necks (1,350B)




  • Once reservations are made, the tour companies have a strict no refund policy.   Please double check your schedule before making a booking.

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