Discount on Long Term Scooter Rentals – As low as 2500thb/month!

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Discount on Long Term Scooter Rentals – As low as 2500thb/month!

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CMStay is offering discounts on long term scooter rentals.   4+ Months starting at 2500thb/month

For those of you that are planning a long term stay and are wondering about personal transportation, this is a must read offer.
You “Why?”
Me “For the money!   Oh, you mean why should you take a long term scooter rental?”
No doubt you have heard from past tourists and read some forum posts from disgruntled residents saying to you  “You should just buy a second hand bike and re-sell it before you go.”    It makes so much sense until you try it.  Then, you are stuck with an old scooter that you overpaid for, don’t legally own, and no one is willing to pay a fair price to buy from you.
Don’t believe me?
Look at ANY of the local classifieds, buy/sell, second hand sites in Chiang Mai.   Sellers are selling their used bikes for double the actual price and the buyers are more like sharks out for the kill.   They make “offers” of 25% – 50% of any asking price.   In the end, you’ll over pay for the bike and have to settle on virtually nothing when leaving.

This does not even take into account the current state of the scooter.   Its
 registration, ownership, insurance and other legal issues!    Is it worth it?    For a very select few people, it is.


For the rest of you, this is better:
  • No need to haggle with a seller trying to pawn off their crap
  • No need to deal with the sharks when is time to leave.
  • No worries about having to deal with the “Yes officer, I bought the scooter, but didn’t transfer into my name because my visa doesn’t allow it… Can I please, please, please have “my” scooter back?”
  • No headaches about buying a lemon, you don’t even need to worry about maintenance.   <–Its included.
Long term scooter rentals starting at 2500thb/month.   A minimum rental of 4 months can get you a Honda Click 125i, in great condition.(My business partner is a bike mechanic)   Everything runs smoothly and without any issues.   We fix or replace the scooter immediately if there are any malfunctions.
All of our other standards still apply:
  1. Perfect running order
  2. 2 Helmets
  3. Maintenance is included (oil change, check brakes, etc)
  4. Insurance is included – 3rd party Liability and medical coverage up to 80,000thb
  5. Deposit by passport OR passport copy and cash deposit.
  6. Local scooter delivery / pick up.
We have new scooters as well (< 1yr) .  Just ask if you are interested.

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