Food delivery – Big Mac’s at you beckoning.

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Food delivery – Big Mac’s at you beckoning.

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Thai people are getting fat!

The average Thai person in Chiang Mai is much larger in the mid-section than the last generation.  Do you want to know why?   Well, I don’t know, but fast food delivery could be part of the issue.



Yes, that’s right.  Just about every fast food place has their own delivery service, but that’s not all.   There are services here that will pick up pretty much any meal you like.  They’ll even stop at the 7-11 for some potato chips and Q-Tips.



That’s right fat boy.
Just imagine…  You’ve joined the digital nomad life. (You’re reading this on your Mac), you bought your tickets to the next Drop Shippers Mastermind, and you’re killing it so hard you don’t want to leave your computer for more time than it takes to replace the battery in your GoPro.


What do you do???

Well, if you haven’t already assigned this task to you Sri Lanken VA, you can order in.  (Pro tip: You can even use those PayPal dollars you’ve been unable to use...)



We all expect pizza deliveries, but McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King deliver too!
“No, its not on the approved list of Paleo options?”

We’ve got you covered.   You can order from ANY restaurant.
Yes, VEGAN cupcakes, Non GMO Cheetos and Raw Organic bell peppers can be
delivered to you without you ever leaving the “conversions ” count on you dashboard.



In all seriousness, between the delivery services of the fast food chains and services like MealsonWhees4U and FoodPanda, everything can be delivered to you for a small cost.


As you will see below, the fast food chains generally charge 40thb per order and will accept most credit cards.    Many of these offer 24hr service as well.    We’ll try to list the contact information (website/phone number) for ordering form the bigger chains and leave the information about the 2 main delivery services.

The Breakdown:

Burger King 1112 40thb CASH
KFC 1150 40thb CASH/CREDIT
McDonald’s 1112 40thb CASH/CREDIT
Pizza Hut 1150 40thb CASH/CREDIT
The Pizza Company 1112 40thb CASH/CREDIT
FoodPanda 053216667 70thb/Restaurant CASH/CREDIT
MealsonWheels4U 0846086661 70thb/Stop CASH/CREDIT/PAYPAL

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