The Best Mobile/4G Option in Thailand

The Best Mobile/4G Option in Thailand

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We’ve recently changed over all of our mobile devices from DTAC to FINN.    Turns our that FINN is using the DTAC network but offering rates up to 70% lower.

Why we switched:

  1. LINE, and LINE TV are free – They do not count against your 4G allotment
  2. 4G is NOT throttled.   Up to 100Mbps speed (depending on distance from tower)
  3. NO Contract.    Its month to month.  Cancel, change packages, etc
  4. UNLIMITED internet – After you use you 4G allotment, you still have unlimited internet at 256k (fast enough for messaging, FINN, Facebook, email….)
    • They even let you control when you use your 4G or the FREE 256k speed.   You can switch anytime through the app!  (Use high speed when needed, save it when you don’t)
  5. PRICING – I got the XXL package.   600 minutes talk and 40GB 4G for 329THB!
    • Use the link below for an additional 10thb/month discount.
    • Use LINE pay and you’ll get an 10% refund on each monthly payment.
  6. Move your existing phone number to FINN or get a new number
  7. Do EVERYTHING on-line.    You can request the new sim, sign up, etc from you computer/device.  They will send a new sim to your home/hotel, etc.  No need to go anywhere.
  8. ENGLISH.  The whole process is done in English.    No translation issues

Save an additional 10thb per month (and reduce our bill by 10thb/month) by using our discount code:

Get Finn Mobile – No Contracts

So, who is this good for?

EVERYONE.   From local/long-term stay, to short-term/tourists.   It the cheapest by far compared to any monthly plan and pre-paid/tourist plan.    If you’re only here for a week or two, the 179thb plan with 150 minutes and 5GB data is cheaper that the “Tourist” sim card plans available.

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