Group Tour – Henry and the Salsa Dancers

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Group Tour – Henry and the Salsa Dancers

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This is more of a thank you post, rather than an informational post .   Recently, we had the honor of making arrangements for a group tour of 38 people from Vietnam on holiday in Chiang Mai during the Loy Krathong/Yee Peng festivals.  


Henry was our point of contact .   He is truly amazing organizer.    Making arrangements and agreements among 38 people for a group tour is no small feat!      


Throughout the whole set up phase of their holiday, he made it feel like we were dealing with a small family as opposed to a large group of what we later found out to be… Salsa dancers!    (Guess that explains why everyone was in such good shape!) 


We arranged vans for airport pickup, rental of scooters/motorbikes, guided motorbike tour to Pai, tour vans to Chiang Rai/Golden Triangle/Long Neck Karen village, tickets and transport to the 2014 International Lantern Release Festival, and vans to return all to the airport on their voyage home.  


Thank you to Henry and your group of friends.   We are very happy to have met you all and look forward to meeting you all again!  


BTW, we’ve included a few pictures taken by Pui the motorbike guide.  Please feel free to add more pictures on our Facebook page. 

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November 17, 2014 at 2:36 am

Thanks for all your arangement even we have many changes, Stephen!
My team enjoyed the trip and appreciate your help.

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