Lantern Release Festival 2016 – Date has been announced!!!

Lantern Release Festival 2016 – Date has been announced!!!

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The Lantern Release Festival  (Yee Peng Lanna) date has officially been set.   Keep in mind that prices have changed and ticket sales may follow a different pattern than in previous years.   

Ticket sales started in May 2016.    Make sure to add your email address to our list or “like/follow” the CMStay facebook page for more information as we release it.   



***Don’t forget to consider the secondary costs of buying tickets outside of CMStay!   Purchasing through CMStay will save you from having to waste time and money to get you tickets.   Pay a tuk-tuk ~500B or more to take you outside of town, wait in a queue for your ticket, and return you to town,.   You’ll also have to get to the pick up point outside of town.   Another tuk-tuk ~500B or more for both ways. You’re adding at least 1000THB to the prices, not including your limited holiday time!  CMStay will deliver your tickets to the hotel and arrange for transport from the Old City!***


November 14, 2016



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Kim jae eun

March 7, 2016 at 4:20 pm

I am so happy and I would just go to the festival
Please, I would like to buy a ticket^^
Thank you

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