No Yee Peng tickets! – My Chiang Mai Trip is ruined!

No Yee Peng tickets! – My Chiang Mai Trip is ruined!

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OK, Not really.

The Bad news: we have not heard of anyone selling their tickets in almost a month.
It may be that they are all planning on going to the event or they are waiting so they can sell their tickets for a higher price.   (They were already selling for $200/Standard Ticket almost a month ago!)
The Good news:
  1. You will be in Chiang Mai and it will be during the most festive time of year!
  2. We’ve reached agreements with many local tour companies to offer the lowest prices in town    (While space is still available)  DISCOUNTED TOUR PRICES
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Believe it or not, Chiang Mai is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.   Most of them do not come here during the holiday season.   In fact, there are over 70 million Thai people and at least 5 million foreigners in Thailand.   Most have them have never attended the lantern release and probably don’t care to.    

Early evening @Thapae Gate


The Yee Peng lantern release IS an amazing event, BUT it is not the heart of Chiang Mai nor the Loy Krathong/Yee Peng holidays.
For those of you hoping to see a sky full of lanterns, you will!   In fact, you will see more in the city than at the event.    What do you think the millions of other people in Chiang Mai and surroundings are doing??? Want to float a krathong down the moat or river?   Same thing!   Many many more in the city.   Fireworks?   Not at the event!
For those of you with your name on our waiting list, you will still be notified of any tickets we hear of.   When all is said an done, for anyone that does not get a ticket, don’t feel sorry for yourselves!    Join a cheap tour during the daytime, and enjoy the beautiful nights skies in the city.    You will not be dissappointed!

Here is an expected schedule of events.   Its does not give the full schedule but a good start!

“Loi Krathong 2015 Event Schedule for Chiang Mai, Thailand (the following schedule has not been confirmed… yet! Will follow soon):

Loi-Krathong-Krathong-girlTuesday, November 24th
7pm to 10pm – Lantern Parade (click here for parade route)
7pm to 12am – Noppamas Queen beauty contest – day 1 (click here for location)

Wednesday, November 25th (Full Moon)
9am to 12pm – Lantern and Giant Lantern Contest (click here for location)
9am to 5pm – Krathong Making Contest (click here for location)
7pm to 11pm – Floating (Small) Krathong Parade (click here for parade route)
7pm to 12am – Noppamas Queen beauty contest – day 2 (click here for location)

Thursday, November 26th
6pm to 12am – Floating (Big) Krathong Parade (click here for parade route)
10pm – Expect to see a dazzling display of fireworks that will last for approximately 20 minutes (click here for approximate location).”

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October 18, 2015 at 12:38 am

Hi. Thaks for the post. Where will the lanterns will be released besides the university? As i dont have a ticket and would love to see thousands of lanterns in the sky?


    October 18, 2015 at 1:14 am

    If you want to be part of the craziness and all out party, head for Thapae Gate or the Ping River (Narawat Bridge area). If you want to enjoy the views in a calmer setting, go for one of the taller hotels or rooftop bars. Another option for a quieter setting would be the western side of the moat. There will be a lot of people launching lanters and floating Krathongs down the moat.

    Realistically, the Old city is a 1 mile square. I would suggest just walking around the whole evening and getting a taste of every area. Also keep in mind that its 3 days long in the city.
    Also, make sure you plan your daytime activities ASAP. Most tours/etc are going to be full within a week or so. We have the cheapest deals available for Nov until they fill up.
    Check out the discounted tours

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