Want to Teach in Chiang Mai? Part 4 (Jenafer Volnek)

Want to Teach in Chiang Mai? Part 4 (Jenafer Volnek)

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Our 4th post on the real experiences of finding work Teaching in Chiang Mai – by Jenafer Volnek.



About me: 
Hi! My name is Jen and I am 26 years old currently living at CMStay @ Sethee Court in the upbeat and exciting city, Chiang Mai! I am an English teacher here at a well-known private school and I teach 10th grade high school students. 
Why I wanted to teach: 
Well, after college and working in mental health for 2.5 years, I wanted a change and a challenge to fulfill my curiosities about the world. I wanted to go to a place where I could feel comfortable yet out of my element, WARM and where teaching English was in demand. I left the conventional lifestyle in America and got more than what I ever expected in the best way possible. 
How I started: 
In all honesty, I worked my butt off to prepare to get over here and spent numerous sleepless nights researching jobs, a decent place to live, expenses, and the culture. I also got TEFL certified through a great, reputable program based out of Chicago. I bit the bullet (YOLO) and booked my one-way ticket to Thailand. I landed here and came to CMStay @ Sethee Court. I was greeted by Stephen and King the first night I got here and they helped ease my nerves about any qualms I had about being in a totally new country. 
How I got the job:
I had my CV/Resumes all printed and ready to go and I went to a couple of schools that posted online that they were hiring. I got the job with the help of King, the owner of CMStay @ Sethee Court, who knew a fellow teacher in Chiang Mai and that teacher had connections to the current school I teach at. I went into the school for an interview and was notified, a week later, that I landed the job. I was very fortunate. 

If you are worried about not finding a job like I was, don’t be. Women, do not forget to wear a long skirt that goes past your knees. I remember having pant suits ready and that was a mistake, so I had to buy a whole new wardrobe of long skirts. There is a sufficient amount of English speaking expats in Chiang Mai and you will, with effort, make connections to help you obtain a job. Remember to prepare extra money for exploring, rent, and food for when you are waiting for responses from the schools you applied at. I saved up money for the first couple of months to explore the city and surrounding areas. Basically, if you have a college degree and look professional you will be just fine- yes, a TEFL helps. 

Regarding a place:
if you are looking for a comfortable place to live that is quiet and safe then stay at CMStay @ Sethee Court. There is a reason why they have excellent reviews and the reasons are completely valid. I would recommend living or staying here (on your arrival into Chiang Mai) for numerous, logical reasons. Here are a few: now, most people do not like their landlords, but here, I love my landlords and it is one of the salient reasons as to why I can’t leave CMStay @ Sethee Court. The price for a room is very reasonable. In addition, there is a convenient and pleasant coffee shop, Lek Lek Cafe, with delicious food downstairs. Lastly, the area is very Thai and you can get the feel of living like a local which personally, I think, should be apart of a wholesome traveling experience! An additional perk, I have met some great friends who also live in the building. If you want a comfortable home base, an adventure, good food, and hospitable people then Chiang Mai is your kind of place. 
Hope this help
Happy and safe travels, 
For more on Jen, check out her Tumblr at: http://jvolnek.tumblr.com/

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